Fall and Winter Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Fall and Winter Plumbing Maintenance Tips

It’s officially the end of summer. Although we may still be getting some nice weather, it won’t be long until the trees are bare, and there’s a layer of ice covering everything in the morning. Fall and winter may be the seasons for snuggling up and staying warm on the couch, but they also bring many problems, especially with your home’s plumbing.

Your plumbing can experience a range of different issues during these seasons. It’s important that you protect your home’s plumbing to avoid having to deal with any problems caused by the drop in temperature. These fall and winter plumbing tips will help to protect your plumbing from the cold weather ahead.

Garbage Disposal Awareness

In the seasons of fall and winter, family and friends are brought together during the holidays and with these celebrations come delicious meals and fun parties. Although your garbage disposal may be an excellent way to dispose of all the leftover food on the plates; it can become clogged with improper use. Be careful of what you’re putting down your garbage disposal and after using it, always run some cold water down it.

If you have large amounts of leftovers, you can avoid a clogged drain or damaged blades by scraping them into a garbage bag and putting them into your outdoor bin. If you’re suffering from disposal trouble, you will need to call in a professional. Don’t attempt to repair it yourself as you could cause further damage.

Get Water Heater Maintenance

When the weather gets colder, hot showers and baths are a lot more common in households all across America. During the start of fall, you should take the time to schedule a water heater maintenance check with your plumber. A check-up will ensure that your water heater is working efficiently, and no repairs are necessary. You don’t want your water heater breaking down when you need it the most.water heaters san antonio

You can flush your water heater yourself, but if you aren’t very confident in your DIY skills, don’t risk it, instead, call in an experienced plumber. Your plumber will know what they’re doing; they’ll be able to get the task done quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy warm water all through the winter months.

Protect Your Home’s Pipes

It’s not uncommon for people to go away on holiday during the winter, if you’re one of these people, it’s imperative that you protect the pipes in your home. If you’re going away for more than a few days, don’t turn off your heating. Instead, leave it on setting the temperature between 45 – 55 degrees. busted pipes

If you plan on being away for more than four days, then you should also get your pipes insulated. If you’re away for an extended period, and the weather is expected to be freezing, then your pipes could become frozen if they are not insulated. When pipes freeze, they run the risk of cracking or bursting. If you’re away on holiday, and no one is around to notice this issue, you could come home to some significant damage and a hefty water bill.

Even if you don’t go away during the winter, you should still follow the tips above. Plumbing problems can arise in anyone’s home; everyone should prepare themselves for the colder weather.

When To Call In A Professional

If you’re experiencing any major problems in your home such as sewer line backup or burst pipes, it’s essential that you call in a professional and experienced plumber. Plumbing problems won’t go away on their own; you need to get them fixed. Unless you’re a certified plumber, always call in a professional Plumber when major issues arise. They will carry all of the necessary tools, equipment, skill, and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

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